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Hi, we are the NoCE Lab

NoCE Lab

Neurobiology of Concepts Expression Laboratory at UNIGE

We study the cognitive and neural correlates of semantic knowledge and their interplay with language. We use both behavioral and neuroimaging techniques. We believe in science as a collaborative effort aimed at the pursuit of knowledge for the benefit of humanity.

Here you can find our constantly evolving Lab Guide, and right below our calendar:

We plant trees to celebrate major accomplishments of the lab: you can check out our green friends here.

Members & Friends


Here we come UNIGE!
We are here and ready to roll. The official start date is September 1st, but we are already busy with the NCCR Summer school and the Doctoral School retreat. What a great start!

August 1st - 2022,

Welcome Abigail & Marion!
Our team is growing. Abigail and Marion will be joining us in the next few months as Ph.D. student and postdoctoral researcher respectively.

July 1st - 2022,


Join us!

February 2022 - (exp.) 2025,

We are looking for PhD and master students

PhD student(s)

September 2022 - (exp.) 2025

  • You will design, implement, and analyze behavioral and neuroimaging experiments linked to the main axises of our lab (see “Projects”). We still have one open position, get in touch soon if interested!
Master student(s)

February 2022 - June 2023

  • You will actively participate in behavioral or neuroimaging experiments linked to the main axises of our lab (see “Projects”). More info coming soon, but if you have any question, please contact the PI, Dr. Borghesani.

Hello World!
It's official! We will be moving to Geneva over the summer.

March 1st - 2022,



Representing words & concepts
Representing words & concepts
NoCe members, NCCR EvoLang colleagues

What are the neuro-cognitive correlates of semantic knowledge? We use neuroimaging to study the distributed yet specialized cortical networks involved.

Losing words & concepts
Losing words & concepts
NoCe members, Drs. Gorno-Tempini, Laganaro & Lukic

We study which brain lesions can lead to degraded neural semantic representations, their effects on behavior, and how their loss can be partially compensated.

Learning words & concepts
Learning words & concepts
NoCe members, Drs. Piazza, Vigano & Bilgin

We are interested in how cogntive and neural representations of concepts (and words) are built in the first place - how do we label concepts?

Concepts across languages
Concepts across languages
NoCe members, NCCR EvoLang colleagues

In both healthy and patological conditions, we study cross-linguistic and cross-cultural differences in language processing and semantic representations.

Concepts & words across people
Concepts & words across people
NoCe members, CNeuromod colleagues

We are interested in individual differences in language processing, as well as in differences between biological and artificial representations of concepts.

Above & beyond langauge
Above & beyond langauge
NoCE members, Drs. Pouget & Pinheiro-Chagas

We study the interaction of language and other cognitive functions, for example mathematical cognition and executive control.


We strive to keep our tools tidy and share them here. If you are interested in some of our analyses and can’t find the corresponding code, please get in touch.

Reading, watching, listening

The schedule of our past & future journal clubs, the conferences and seminars we follow/attend, and our lab library. Get in touch if you’d like to join or suggest a paper/speaker/book.

Learning about language

Teaching materials for the course on the Neurobiology of Language (in English only)

Learning about frontotemporal dementia

Teaching materials for the course on Frontotemporal Dementia and Language (in English only)

Learning about semantic memory

Teaching materials for the course on Semantic Memory (in French only)

Grants and job applications materials

We here share grants, fellowship, scholarhip, and job market materials.


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